Our Mission

Baht by Baht’s mission is to engage businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals, creating value through positive social and environmental impact.

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Working for the Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

We are experienced consultants and digital marketers, working with a range of businesses to define their social purpose and devise a CSR direction and strategy. We also assess existing CSR programs, coming up with ways to leverage this capacity. In general, we are guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goal #12, which addresses responsible consumption and production. 

Microgiving reflects one of the tools we employ, to connect individual donors with foundations working on important social and environmental causes. We also work with such non-profit organisations as well as social enterprises to boost their marketing communications needs, with the aim of attracting more interest and building greater awareness of their respective causes and programs.


Voralak Suwanvanichkij

Voralak ("Vee") has lived and worked in Bangkok and Boston. For the past several years, she has been working in digital media, creating web and social media content for companies, non-profits and foundations. In her spare time, she's usually practicing yoga or hanging out with her family.

Daniel Sanhueza 

Daniel is originally from Chile, but now lives in Bangkok. He's the hands-on dad of two energetic kids, and he's married to an awesome woman. Daniel is a branding expert and experienced digital marketer. He loves trekking in the mountains and aspires to keep reaching new heights!

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