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What We Do

How can CSR be realized in practice? Baht by Baht works with businesses in a range of industries to create, assess and enhance their CSR programs, based on the premises of helping companies contribute to a good society through good business practices.

CSR has evolved beyond spending or giving away profits simply because it boosts the company’s public image. We delve deeper into the corporate identity, starting from the mission, and define the organization’s values to derive a clear code of conduct and value management system. From this foundation, as well as internationally recognized points of orientation, we analyze how the company and its offerings plug into a broader societal need and how its entire operations affect every stakeholder.

Also, using our microgiving platform, Baht by Baht helps businesses to leverage their CSR marketing communications efforts. We are experienced digital marketers and copywriters, and can devise brand building communications strategies in social media, marketing copy and more.


At the same time we also assist non-profit organizations, foundations and social enterprises on their marketing communications needs, with the aim of attracting more interest and building greater awareness of their respective causes and programs.   

Every Bit Counts

Our 3 Areas of Focus


Our platform facilitates the donation of small amounts by single donors to a specific cause.


Engaging Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations and Individuals to Increase Value through Positive Social Change


We help foundations on their marketing & communications, building greater awareness of their work.