Microgiving: Every Bit Counts


Scholars of Sustenance (SOS) addresses food insecurity and waste, implementing systems that apply potential waste and surplus food in a meaningful way for communities in need. At the same time, SOS works to engage, educate, and encourage F&B companies and communities to make a difference.

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Raks Thai Foundation (RTF) is the successor of CARE International (Thailand), with a mission to promote strong communities and support disadvantaged groups. Their work covers HIV/AIDS prevention, educational support, occupational development and promotion of community enterprises, women's empowerment, natural resource management, and disaster relief.

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Love Wildlife is dedicated to the protection of wildlife in the region, focusing on educating younger generations about the importance of wildlife and their connection to the world. Through various projects, Love Wildlife also optimizes the quality of life of captive wild animals while striving to keep wild born animals free in their natural habitats.

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Operation Smile Thailand offers children suffering from cleft lips and/or cleft palates free surgeries from highly qualified Thai medical professionals. In the past few years, their team has performed more than 7,000 free surgeries for children in Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. Operation Smile also provides post-operative care, including speech pathology and orthodontics.


Sang Foundation's mission is to address the problem of single-use plastics pollution and promote waste-free living -- through creative awareness building campaigns and community engagement. They work closely with students and young people to highlight the issues and take action. Sang also partners with the local chapters of Trash Hero, Precious Plastics, and Grin Green.

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Creative Migration is an international arts organization based in Los Angeles and Bangkok, working to advance cultural diplomacy through three pillars: art, public engagement, and sustainability.

The funds collected from our partner businesses are donated (100%) to foundations and charities that we have vetted, to bring about positive change through their ongoing programs on health, education, the environment and more.

We aim to make the donation process completely transparent, working with each beneficiary to account for how donations are used, while adopting a conflict of interest policy. Baht by Baht also provides full disclosure of our donations, beneficiaries and overhead, to be published in our annual reports.

Basic Foundation Package includes:

  • Promotion of a foundation's work and participation on Baht by Baht's website, as news and/or on the blog

  • Sharing of links to the above on Baht by Baht's social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram)

Additional Services include:

  • Implementing SEM or SEO projects

  • Conducting communications assessment

  • Devising communications strategies

  • Managing content/social media

  • Copywriting

  • Creating additional media (photos, videos, etc.)

Some of the foundations we support:

Every Bit Counts

A few baht from each individual donor adds up, growing into significant giving opportunities.


Donation of small amounts by single donors to a specific cause(s).


Engaging Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations and Individuals to Increase Value through Positive Social Change

Social Marketing

Work with  foundations on their marketing & communications needs to attract more interest and building greater awareness of their causes and programs.   

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