Climate Strike Thailand is Back - Join the Cause!

Droughts, floods, wildfires, tropical storms, and spikes in air pollution are becoming more common and in 2019, we have already experienced all of these -- and all are consequences of climate change. Thailand's population of 65 million will likely face more extreme weather and natural disasters, as well as food and water scarcity, heat stress, injuries, water-borne diseases, and displacement.

So it's time to take action, and get our country to set a target for 100% renewable energy and decarbonise by 2050, by divesting from fossil fuels and phasing out coal by 2025 to limit carbon emissions and further climate change impacts. And this is where Climate Strike Thailand comes in -- on Friday, 20 September 2019, the group is organizing a day when we put our daily lives on hold, including school and work, to demand change at the policy-making level. The event is part of a larger Global Climate Strike movement, from 20-27 September 2019.

Date: 20 Sept. 2019 (time TBA) Meeting Point: Capital Mansion (by Saphan Kwai; more details on the event page)

Dress Code: bright, attention-grabbing colors

Bring your spirit, voice, passion, friends, teachers, grandparents, children, dogs, etc. -- the more the merrier!

While all individuals can create important incremental collective impacts in lifestyle changes, the biggest changes will have to come from corporations and the government. As citizens, we can all act collectively and immediately by demanding that change. Let's go!

Image Credit: Climate Strike Thailand

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