Fighting Gender Inequality: Walk in Her Shoes 2019

Baht by Baht supports Raks Thai Foundation as one of its partner foundations. A member of CARE International, Raks Thai works to eliminate poverty, promote HIV prevention, and advocate for human rights. The foundation also focuses on gender equality and women's empowerment by strengthening women's skills, knowledge bases, and overall capacity, improving their socioeconomic status and supporting their leadership.

Walk in her Shoes (link: is one of Raks Thai's annual campaigns that involves participants walking in high heels in Lumpini Park (or another venue in Bangkok). It supports gender equality by raising the awareness of problems, obstacles, and impacts of gender inequality. In Thailand, women still face a number of challenges, including under-representation in governance and the glass ceiling, a concept where societal structures prevent women who have the same capacity as men to advance in their careers. Many women also bear a double burden, doing paid work outside the home as well as performing significant amounts of unpaid domestic labor. #bahtbybaht #microgiving #thailand #raksthai #csr

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