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Asia Philanthropy Circle, Thai Young Philanthropist Network (TYPN) and Dhanin Tawee Chearavanont Foundation partnered to create The Givers Network, bringing like-minded organizations and individuals together through the belief that, through sharing ideas, learning and working together, we can give better.

The Givers Network 2019 event, held earlier this October, showcased the above idea, featuring engaging and powerful talks from local and international social change-makers including Bill Somerville, a renowned social impactor known for “keeping it simple” when giving; Lilly Satidtanasarn, a young environmentalist with a “Save the Earth” mission; Mechai Viravaidya, a leading Thai change-maker in public health, population control and education; Worawit Tantiwattanasap, a rural doctor with a 27-year devotion to saving the lives of the most marginalized peoples along the Thai-Burnese border; and Nai Saetoen, a young girl who provides a living example of giving beyond oneself.

The key take-way was that anyone can be a change-maker: simply begin with what one has at hand and in the words of Khun Meechai, "Take NO as a question". And the best way to help others is to enable opportunities by teaching skills, providing hands-on training and building confidence. Also, the event offered a community of charitable organizations and givers to connect and exchange ideas, with the goal of magnifying the impact of our social giving by combining our resources, knowledge and giving, to meet the key needs of individuals, society and the environment.

Learn more about The Givers Network and future events on their website.

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