Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Micro-donations are often thought of as the charitable donation of small amounts of money from one donor to one recipient. Since these donations are meant to be small, almost everyone has the ability to make a micro-donation without feeling financially burdened. Importantly, micro-donations add up, especially when a large number of people contribute or when the same individuals contribute often. All in all, microgifts are small, but mighty!

There are numerous benefits of micro-giving for both donors and recipients. People feel good when they give to charities, as they feel the satisfaction of supporting a good cause. At the same time, they can enjoy feeling as if they are members of and an active participant in a certain community. This offers an important sense of purpose. Essentially, micro-donations are a way for people to not only raise money for a cause that they care about, but also to spread awareness of and generate loyalty to the cause. In this way, micro-donations engage the public, bringing people together.

In addition, micro-donations strengthen the potential to increase customers’ loyalty to their favorite organizations. Certain stores already come with a loyal customer base and if those businesses offer a way for their customers to give microgifts to charitable organizations, those individuals are likely to be even more happy to support them, again fueled by a sense of purpose and the ensuing personal and emotional connection.

Fortunately, in our technologically advanced society, the process of micro-donating couldn’t be easier. Technology streamlines the donation process, making it all very fast and easy. People are more likely to do things when the process require little effort. In addition, people can use social media to tell their friends about their recent micro-donation and to make others aware of their favorite organizations that have philanthropic goals. This can be a powerful tool to reach large numbers of individuals! Imagine how much we CAN do together.

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