The Inner Dimensions of Climate Change

This month, Baht by Baht joined an event called "The Inner Dimensions of Climate Change", at ESCAP in Bangkok. Organized by Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association and the Global Peace Initiative of Women, this seminar offered a refreshingly different perspective on the climate crisis.

There were no scientists present, to present facts and data on global warming and why we would need to cut our carbon footprint by a certain deadline. Instead, participants listened to thoughtful discourse from indigenous people and farmers to youth climate justice activists and nuns from all over the world, on the inner dimensions of climate change — namely, our mindsets, and what we need to do to bring about meaningful changes.

In a nutshell, urban populations have become disconnected from nature, physically and spiritually. We no longer maintain a holistic understanding or appreciation of the fundamentals of human existence, including where our food and water come from. Consumerism has blinded us to what is truly important: healthy natural foods, clean air, uncontaminated water... If we can return to this way of thinking, we can move forward with better resource management, on the part of both individuals and policy makers.

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