Wildlife Conservation & Education: Love Wildlife

Love Wildlife is one of the foundations that Baht by Baht supports. This group of dedicated conservationists focuses their energies on educating the younger generations about the importance of wildlife and their connection to the world we all live in. This includes the running of after school clubs and workshops with kids. The latter includes the Slow Loris Conservation Program, which targets slow lorises that have been taken from the wild and sold as pets through the illegal wildlife trade.

To raise awareness of the issue, the program does outreach and raises more awareness about the slow loris conservation situation in Thailand, including the illegal wildlife trade and pet trade. It also acknowledges and practices enrichment for captive animal needs. In a recent workshop at Berkeley International School, around 150 kids learned about endangered slow lorises and their threats. They also made hide-boxes for captive and rescued animals, typically shy in nature, that still cannot be released back to the wild.

Contact Us;

‭+66 81 751 0011‬ (TH)

+66 61 824 8868 (ENG)

Bangkok, Thailand